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14th-Jan-2006 03:39 pm - Resource Post - Time Travel
DJ Yamapi
Time travel is one of those concepts that has fascinated mankind for centuries. It first became popular in the 20th centruy with Orson Wells, The Time Machine. It was a huge hit, and many movies and books have come out since then.

In pot_memories, we have our own theory on the subject. Below the lj-cut you will find a resource on how time travel works, at least as pertained to our role play. This is how we will all view it, and the consequences arisen from it's use. Remember to keep in character, but also remember these guidelines. The game will run much smoother if they are followed by all players.

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13th-Nov-2005 10:21 pm - Console Code~
Blue Flower

Friend add acrobatic_kitty
Friend add _what_if__
Friend add _drivevolley
Friend add past_mumblings
Friend add risingshot_
Friend add scud_soul
Friend add dreamsofthepast
13th-Nov-2005 06:51 pm - Storyline Post
DJ Yamapi
This is the storyline post. Click under the cut for a detailed synopsis of each storyline and the characters involved.

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